We prepare the most suitable treatment plan with our decades of experience in Universities, dental hospitals and dental clinics, not only because we are dentists but also lecturers of dentistry. We teach and lecture dentistry as well as apply.


We apply the most convenient and successful treatment for you with the latest technology using quality instruments and materials in the shortest possible time. We do our best not to give you any pain and call our clinic ‘no pain clinic’. All our efforts and aim is just to provide you with the most healthy aesthetic and functional teeth. We implement the most accurate treatment planning and treatment for you with our decades of academic and professional experience. We have spent decades, training national and international dentists from all over the world, and we show our difference in creating your treatment plans and applying them in our treatment.


In our daily diagnostic meetings as Istanbul Dental Center professors, we discuss every detail examining your photographs and x-rays we receive everyday and then create your treatment plans. Sometimes it takes hours to discuss and make a treatment plan of one case because five professors discuss and make their points about the case and then come to a conclusion together.

If we need more information about you, we get in touch and ask the necessary questions. When we create your diagnosis and treatment plan, we send you all the details and plan your appointment.


Our top priority is, to have the right analysis and sufficient
information about the patient to make the right treatment plan.
We work with our expert team to create the right treatment plan
and forward all options to you.

To assess your dental problems and create your treatment plan, it is necessary
for you to send us your intra and extra dental photographs taken from every angle
and also your panoramic x-ray.
Prof. Dr. Peker Sandallı, Prof. Dr. Türker Sandallı, Prof. Dr. Nüket Sandallı,
Prof. Dr. Arzu Arı Demirkaya, Prof. Dr. Arzu Aykor
will examine your photographs and x-rays and will send the consultation
results and your treatment plan, free of charge.

Our Technology and Material Quality

We perform our satisfaction guaranteed dental treatments in the shortest
possible time using our latest technology and decades of experience.
We know the importance of using high quality equipments and materials in high level dentistry,
and also know how important it is to have years of experience in making treatment plans
and in applying the treatments.


Treatment Methods

We create the most suitable treatment method with materials of highest quality standards.
By utilizing advanced technologies, we provide you with healthy, aesthetic and functional teeth and a perfect smile.

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