What makes us different?

Our difference is our perspective on dentistry; We change the lives of every person we touch and help them start a new, happier, and a more comfortable life.
This is our greatest accomplishment for us.


As pioneers and witnesses to the inception and thriving evolution of modern Turkish dentistry, we understand the distinctive importance of creating a secure space for all patients. We firmly believe that the most valuable feedback arises from patient testimonials. Our principles involve progressing with transparency and clarity throughout all processes, from consultation to post-operative care, facilitated by an experienced and skilled team along with cutting-edge medical infrastructure.


We believe that the treatment system, integrated with competence, experience, and medical ethics, should be represented by principles of honesty, trust, and patient satisfaction. We are intent on showcasing that Turkish dentistry, powered by comprehensive education and meticulous practical applications, exceeds global standards.


Each patient is unique and deserves personalised, optimal care to ensure maximum comfort. We neither apply nor recommend any treatment, medical procedure, or guidance that we wouldn’t find suitable for ourselves or our loved ones. Just as in treatments, we emphasize in our activities that there should be no compromise on honesty and professionalism in administrative processes.

Our Promise of Truth

We as the founders, deans and lecturers of many dental schools from which we graduated thousands of dental students, have asked ourselves the question “what kind of a clinic should it be?” while establishing Istanbul Dental Center.
Then we promised ourselves that, not only in Turkey, but it should be and will be one of the bestclinics in the world. Nowadays we think we kept our promise and we are very proud of it.

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“A Member Of Our Family”

We establish a lifelong communication with every patient
who visits us for their treatments at the Istanbul Dental Center.
We always conduct the followups and
checkups of all our patients after their treatment,
with the responsibility of being a member of our family.
Just like a member of our family,
we care for their health and try to solve all
their problems during their stay.


“With Pleasure And Trust”

We welcome our patients in a warm family
atmosphere and we use our decades of
experience and knowledge creating their treatment
plans. We put together the most appropriate and
the most economical treatment plan which
can be finished in the shortest possible time.
We explain all the details of their treatment and
try to answer all their questions, clear up all the
hesitations in their minds before we start their treatment.
Our priority is to treat our patients with
pleasure and confidence, taking all precautions
in our very sterile and safe clinics.
When their treatments have completed and
when they look at the mirror, seeing the smile on
their faces and hearing their thankful words
makes us forget all our tiredness.
Our only aim is to make sure that every
patient treated at our clinic should leave us with
a big happy smile.

Istanbul Dental Center was founded by professors,
established by specialist dentists in different branches of dentistry, hygienists, nurses and with one of the best technical team in the world with decades of experience, working in a very high standard laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, high-quality instruments and materials.

We are working very hard to make your life
more comfortable and happier than ever. Leaving our clinic
at the end of your treatment, seeing the big beautiful smile on your face
makes us the happiest people in the world.

Our difference is our perspective on dentistry; We change the lives of every person we touch and help them start a new, happier, and a more comfortable life.
This is our greatest accomplishment for us.